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On August 11th, 2014, I left the San Francisco Bay Area to embark on a two-month long road trip acorss the United States and Canada. As of this writing, I've only been on the road six days, but already my plans have changed six times. Of course, that's the beauty of the road trip, isn't it? There's no one to tell you what to do or where to go. You just do. You just go.

I may not make it to Alaska this year, as I had originally intended, but I'm thinking that if I re-work my plan, I may still be able to go early next summer. And now I'm hoping to squeeze in one more trip this winter, across the South. I know it sounds like a lot of travelling to fit into a single year of a person's life, and it is. But it may be my last chance. It's now or never.

I choose now.

Prologue to The Long Road Home (memoir)

“I’ve taken this road before. So many times have I found myself wandering upon it, this and others like it, countless routes and countless roads, all of them different and all of them the same. Roads to places I have never been and have never wanted to go, roads to cities I know and towns I don’t. Roads paved onto every kind of landscape, roads crisscrossing the nation and the globe. Roads that have carried me away and carried me home; roads that have taken me somewhere, taken me everywhere, taken me nowhere.
But this road is the last road. My last road. The last road I will ever take, the last journey I will ever make. It is to be my last road and my longest road. The road I will take until it ends. The long road home.”

Tentative Release Date: October 2015.

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